The South African Reserve Bank is the central bank of the Republic of South Africa. The Bank was established in 1921 in terms of a special Act of Parliament, the Currency and Bank Act of 10 August 1920 (the Act) and was the direct result of the abnormal monetary and financial conditions which had arisen during and in the period immediately following World War I.

Our mission & vision
Our functions
Background & structure
The way in which the South African Reserve Bank is organised in terms of directors, management and auditors, and how the tasks are allocated among the governors.
Overview of departments
The South African Reserve Bank has fifteen departments which report to either the Governor or a deputy governor and a college for the training of staff in central banking.
Location & contact numbers
The South African Reserve Bank is located in Pretoria.
Physical address : 370 Church Street, Pretoria, 0002.
Postal address : P.O. Box 427, Pretoria, 0001.
Telephone number : +27 12 313-3911.
Fax number : +27 12 313-3197 or +27 12 313-3929.
0861 12 7272 (SARB)
Fact sheets
A series of information leaflets covering frequently asked questions that is targeted at students and learners.
Laws and regulations governed or administered by the South African Reserve Bank.
Financial statements
Financial statements are a set of financial information conveying the financial position of the South African Reserve Bank at a certain point in time, and the financial results of the activities over a period of time. Financial statements may also include additional financial information such as cash-flow information and notes which assist in interpreting the financial information.
South African Reserve Bank Shares
As a result of the delisting of the South African Reserve Bank ("the Bank") from the list of the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa ("the JSE") on 2 May 2002, the Bank deemed it necessary to make the undermentioned documentation available to the general public and its shareholders in order to be of assistance when using the Over-the-Counter Share Transfer Facility (OTCSTF), which provides for a facility to trade in the Bank’s shares .

The monthly closed auction share trading facility was implemented together with the OTCSTF on 1 June 2002. This manner of trading the bank's shares has become inappropriate and the Board of Directors of the Bank approved the establishment of a live trading facility with effect from 1 October 2005.

Kindly note that the above-mentioned live trading facility is not an on screen trading facility and, in terms of the OTCSTF rules, shall operate by means of postal, facsimile, hand delivery or electronic (e-mail) communication only.

Messrs A Jooste (+ 27 12 313 3350 ) or E Brand (+ 27 12 313 3061) may be contacted should further information be required in this regard.
Promotion of Access to Information Manual
This manual is made available in accordance with Section 14 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act no 2 of 2000)

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