In pursuance of its goals, the SA Reserve Bank assumes responsibility for keeping abreast of developments in the local and international economy and informing the South African community and all interested stakeholders abroad about monetary policy specifically, and the South African economic situation in general. Such research is made public through the Bank's multiple publications.

Working Papers
Occasional Papers
An Occasional Paper is a publication for the dissemination of research done in the South African Reserve Bank. Although the research programme of the Bank is a continuous process, the Occasional Papers are only published on an ad hoc basis.
Quarterly Bulletin
Quarterly Bulletin Articles and Notes
A Quarterly Bulletin article or note is a research paper for disseminating economic research done in the SA Reserve Bank. The articles are of a general economic nature, and usually aimed at a broad audience.
Conference Papers
Scientifically researched papers that are presented to an audience at a conference, which could be published via the electronic medium or in the form of printed conference proceedings.
Other publications
The aim of publications in the SA Reserve Bank is to make information available to the public.
Online statistical queries
The online query facility enables you to select and download Quarterly Bulletin time series. The data can be downloaded as a single time series or as multiple time series as a data set.

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