Last Updated: 2011-01-11 03:00:07 PM
Search help

If you are unable to find what you are looking for on this website, you can try the following options:

(1) Use the site index to get an overview of the website

(2) Contact the South African Reserve Bank with your specific query

(3) Use the search option in the top navigation bar to search for specific information.
    To ensure that your search results are as accurate as possible, make use of the following tips:
    • Search on an exact phase, use double quotes (" ") around a phrase to get results that match that exact phrase. For example: "Monetary policy statement".
    • Search for words that begin with the same letters by using a single asterisk (*). Example - type fin* to find financial, finance, financed, etc.
    • Search for two or more words at once by using AND. For example - type governor AND committee to find documents that have both the word governor and the word committee anywhere.
    • Restrict the search results by using AND NOT to exclude words.
      For example - type
      media AND NOT release to find the result of media, which is not in the context of a release.
    • Do not use the following characters in your search query:
      • ( or )
      • { or }
      • [ or ]
      • / or \